Focus and Scope

The REGEPE Entrepreneurship and Small Business Journal publishes articles on theoretical development and theoretical-empirical articles, reviews, case studies and technological reports in the areas of entrepreneurship and small business management.

The REGEPE receives manuscripts written in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Upon approval of the work, REGEPE will always publish a version of it in English and another in the respective original language submitted (Portuguese or Spanish). If the submission was made directly in English, there will only be the English version.

A REGEPE defends and encourages plurality in the topics addressed and in theoretical and methodological approaches. Topics of interest to the publication include, among others:

1. Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurship behavior

2. Sustainable, cultural, social and gender-based entrepreneurship

3. Innovation, technology and risk capital

4. Public policies, entrepreneurship and social networks

5. Education and research in entrepreneurship

6. International entrepreneurship

7. Internationalization of small businesses

8. Small business strategy and strategy

9. Business networks, productive arrangements and local development

10.Financing and promotion for small businesses

11. Franchises, consulting and other emerging tópics in entrepreneurship and SMEs