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The IberoAmerican Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business - REGEPE (acronym in portuguese) - is an online peer reviewed scientific journal, published quarterly, linked to the National Association of Studies in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - ANEGEPE. REGEPE is the most important journal on these themes in Brazil.


For the special edition, we intent to challenge researchers to present the different visions, theoretical and practical about Entrepreneurial Education - EE. We will appreciate articles that focus on critical questions on EE, identify and discuss on the dark sides of EE, differentiate EE from traditional education, as we observe conceptual contradictions in the literature and even different terms as synonyms of EE. For example: there are mentions of Entrepreneurial Education, Education on Entrepreneurship, Education for Entrepreneurship and Education through Entrepreneurship; therefore it is necessary to explicit their theoretical specificities.


We are interested in knowing about new models and practices, especially those that are different from those commonly adopted, and that bring critical and reflexive approaches to EE.


We value contributions that challenge traditional teaching positions and open perspectives for an interventionist pedagogical approach, that maximizes the use and the development of creativity, social-emotional competences, values, curiosity, co-creation and exciting questions.


Articles for the special edition may relate to, but are not limited to the following topics:


- Exclusion and inclusion practices with current EE models. How can they be reconfigured?

- Consequences (hidden) or potential dark sides of exposing students to entrepreneurship through education;

- How to keep the Entrepreneurial Education relevant and vital;




- EE as an interventionist practice in the classroom aimed at training entrepreneurs;

- EE as a foundation of social development and / or social change;

- Students as actors in the EE process;

- New actors on EE an their roles, contributions and impact;

- EE as cross-cutting theme.


SUBMISSIONS must be made by March 30, 2019, through REGEPE website - www.regepe.org.br


Guidelines for writing articles should follow the “guidelines for authors on the journal's website”. We remind you that REGEPE accepts articles formatted by the APA style. Please note that is necessary to indicate "EE Special Edition" when submitting the article.

Guidelines:  http://www.regepe.org.br/regepe/about/submissions

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