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REGEPE Entrepreneurship and Small Business Journal is an online scientific journal, with continuous publication quarterly (three issues per year: Jan./Apr.; May/Aug.; Sept./Dec.), published by the National Association of Studies in Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Companies (ANEGEPE).

The REGEPE had its first edition in 2012 and aims to promote the debate of relevant topics in the area of ​​Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, in addition to serving as a channel to disseminate conceptual and methodological advances and promote studies and theoretical and empirical formulations for the area of ​​entrepreneurship and small business management.

The articles published in REGEPE are aimed at those interested in the area, such as researchers, professors, undergraduate and graduate students, consultants, professionals from public, private and third sector organizations, in addition to public policy makers. In all editions it offers a teaching case.

The REGEPE adopts the best practices of scientific publishing, with the help of the Electronic System of Scientific Editing - SEER, through the open platform of the Open Journal System - OJS and editorial technical standards.

The journal covers the respective languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. The article in English will always be published, therefore, if the submission was in Portuguese or Spanish, if the article is approved, the authors must provide an English version of the last revision of the work in Portuguese/Spanish within a period of 20 days. The translation must be performed by a native speaker or a translator with experience in this activity and the respective letter or translation certificate must also be attached to the system.

REGEPE has a team of national and international editors and reviewers committed to the content and quality of submitted articles. This journal is associated with the Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos - ABEC

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