Open science compliance

The Open Science movement  proposes guidelines for collaborative, shared and public scientific practice. In line with the Open Science guidelines, REGEPE adopts a series of practices, such as:  the open access policy; the code of good practices for editors; the use of social networks for the dissemination of published works; and the precise indication of the role of each of the authors in articles with multiple authorship, according   to CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy).

In addition, it encourages the sharing and availability of the contents underlying the preparation of the research and the results obtained, such as the databases of the analyses, the data collection instruments, the computer program codes used in the statistical analyses and other additional materials. They can be made available in open online repositories, such as Zenodo, Figshare and OSF, if they cannot be published in the work itself. The authors of approved papers will fill out the Declaration of Open Science Compliance, in order to give full transparency to this information.

REGEPE encourages the publication of preprint articles  on public platforms, such as  Preprints, SciELO Preprints and EmeRI, so that, where appropriate, they can be discussed openly, before being published.

Finally, in line with the practices of open science, REGEPE offers authors and reviewers options for opening the peer review process, with or without identifying their names. The authorization for disclosure of the name may be given by the authors of the article (at the time of submission with a simple selection of the option and, subsequently, if approved, by signing the Declaration of Open Science Compliance and by the evaluators (by selecting the options contained in  the Own evaluation forms*, already integrated  the ReviewerCredits to the OJS system of REGEPE.

In case of publication of the evaluations that supported the decision to publish the article, they may be edited by the editorial board of the journal.

It should be noted that we also credit the contribution of the Associate Editors (Handling Editors) in the published article.


* REGEPE's manuscripts evaluation forms: 

Research article (Theoretical-empirical)

Theoretical essay

Case study

Technological article

Methodological article

Discussion (Pensata)

Book review