About the DEIA Principles

DEIA Principles (Diversity, Equity, Equality, and Accessibility)

The REGEPE constantly takes actions with the objective of always seeking alignment with the DEIA principles. These include:


Sex and Gender Issues

The REGEPE editorial team, as well as the authors who publish in the journal, should always observe the Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) guidelines. The SAGER guidelines comprise a set of guidelines that guide the reporting of sex and gender information in study design, data analysis, and in the results and interpretation of findings. In addition, REGEPE observes gender equity policy in the training of its editorial board.


Accessibility issues

The REGEPE, as of v.12, n.2, 2023, has implemented multimedia editing, that is, it adopts the inclusion of audios and videos of its articles. The audios reproduce, in the three languages (Portuguese, Spanish, and English), the information of the title, authors and their affiliations, abstract, and keywords. The video, on the other hand, brings the scientific disclosure of the article, presented by the authors themselves. This action favors, thus, the amplitude of multimedia accessibility resources (RMA).

In addition, REGEPE, also from v.12, n.2, 2023, made its transition to adherence to the principles of open science as well as began publishing the articles in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) format following the set of elements and markup rules defined by the SciELO Publishing Schema. This action makes REGEPE and its content accessible to any type of platform, browser and device, contributing to its accessibility and greater visibility.

Finally, REGEPE does not charge any Article Processing Charge (APC) for published texts, nor for those submitted for evaluation, review, publication, distribution or download. The publication is totally free and open access.